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M. Denis Soriot,


During 16 years within the French foreign diplomacy, Denis Soriot noticed the difficulty in finding partners available for discussion, able to provide high quality services that are especially suited to discerning travelers for whom luxury and chic is not to be confused with ostentatious.

Together with an experienced tour operator, Houmed Ali Houmed, Denis then decided to create Events, Tourism & Services, a company exclusively dedicated to luxury travel, cultural exchange and high-level business meetings, one hundred percent unique, offering very developed services for customers whose horizon is the world, in a region little and poorly known.

An expert on international cooperation, both in the Department of French Foreign Affairs and in the Embassy services, Denis has worked in Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Estonia, Ethiopia, Hungary, Romania, Russia ... He ended his diplomatic career in Djibouti as head of the French cooperation. A graduate in philosophy, theology and history from the University of the Sorbonne, he is also an alumnus of the African Research Center, located at Mahler Street in Paris and holds a Certificate of African Studies. He is an expert in multilateral financing techniques learned at the National School of Administration.

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M. Houmed Ali Houmed,


Founder of the first Lodge in the Republic of Djibouti in 1996 in Bankoualé, Houmed Ali Houmed has long been one of the leading experts in bush circuits in the Horn of Africa. He first made the expatriates based in Djibouti and Ethiopia discover the natural wonders of Lake Assal, one of the three salt lakes in the world, the Allol and the volcanic landscapes of the East African Rift, amongst which one of the few permanent lava lakes, still visible today in Ethiopia.

This experienced tour operator progressively broadened his activities with a dense network of european partner agencies, first French, then British, finally German and Spanish. Houmed Ali Houmed is also the founder and general manager of a construction and public works company.

Together with an experienced diplomat, Denis Soriot, son-in-law of the Sultan of Tadjourah, he decides to create Events, Tourism & Services to bring his intimate knowledge of the region to the benefice of discerning travelers, who want to discover the world in a more intimate, more human way, for whom luxurious rhymes with calm and voluptuous.

The former beekeper, still a reknown honey producer of Bankoualé, and the former head of French Cooperation, support various local associations in the Horn of Africa, convinced that there is no possible meetings and discovery without respect of otherness.